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Aesthetic Courses For Nurses

Here at Clinic@, we have a long list of treatments that will make a real, positive difference towards how you look and how you feel. But we go beyond that: we also provide a range of aesthetic courses to teach those that want to deliver these treatments to clients, resulting in a professional qualification for those who enrol. They are particularly aimed at nurses, with aesthetic medicine becoming a more prominent and fulfilling option for those in the midst of, or looking to establish, a successful, prosperous career in the field of nursing.

Our courses are managed by doctors, and the courses themselves train you for every aspect within the delivery of aesthetic injectable treatments. They are aimed at medical professionals at all levels, whether you’ve just earned your initial qualifications, if you’re in the early years of your career, or if you’ve been nursing for a decade or more. In regards to the structure of the teaching, there are both one-to-one and group sessions depending on the tasks involved, which match the variety of the treatments that you will be learning and that we offer to our clients at present.

The courses take two forms depending on your experience level and the time you are able to commit to the training. There is our foundation course, a full day of teaching costs £800. The main topics that you will cover include clinical safety; assessing the aesthetic patient; basic theories on botulinum toxin and dermal filler; practical sessions with mannequins and live patients; and how you can get started within aesthetics as a whole. The teaching is conducted within small groups of around four delegates per session, and courses are hosted from various locations across the country and also Northern Ireland.

Then there is our mentoring course, a series of teaching sessions costing £495 in total. As part of this, you will learn about such topics as assessing aesthetic patients; basic and advanced botulinum toxin practical treatments, such as the lower face; treatments for hyperhidrosis, tear-through and temporal hollowness; basic and advanced dermal filler practical treatments, including the upper face; using aesthetic cannulas with dermal fillers; and non-surgical rhinoplasty. Also held in many UK locations, and comprising of both group and one-to-one sessions, this is a very valuable method to further advance your skills.

As you can see, then, our aesthetic courses go a long way towards teaching you and preparing you within this exciting field. For nurses in particular, these represent a fresh start, a different avenue from the norm, and ultimately a highly rewarding direction to take your career into.

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