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Anti-Wrinkle treatment at Virgin Care Private, Birmingham

For years I’ve had this stubborn frown line on my forehead that stands out like a sore thumb. It’s one of the reasons why you rarely see selfies of me and instead usually see photos of the back of my head. Yes, I could airbrush my selfies, and I have done in the past but I would rather stay true or just not feature myself. Having this protruding frown line has certainly knocked my confidence, there’s been many occasions when I’ve had people say ‘cheer up love’ when I’m walking down the street – usually builders! It’s probably all in my head but even on social occasions I always feel that others think I’m this miserable girl when I’m not. My frown line is there regardless of me being happy or sad.

My frown line was deep, so my makeup would sit in the crease, which doesn’t improve its appearance. I’ve been wanting to get rid of it for some time, but never really did anything about it because I’m not a fan of needles and was worried about how it might turn out and what people might say about me having anti-wrinkle injections at just 27. Being an ‘influencer’ with a young millennial audience also made me hesitate to have treatment, but then I realised almost every influencer I follow has had aesthetic treatments so why shouldn’t I? Especially if it’s going to give me confidence in terms of the way I look and feel when I’m in social situations.

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Thankfully Virgin Care Private got in touch with me since they have recently launched their first ever pay-as-you-go private health clinic in Birmingham on Edmund Street. They offer private GP services as well as aesthetics, specialist consultations, health check-ups, emotional wellbeing, diagnostics and tests. Virgin is a brand I’ve always had great quality experiences with, I have their internet at home, I use their trains and I’ve flown with them a lot. So, I didn’t hesitate in booking a free-of-charge consultation to discuss my options.
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On my arrival at the clinic, I filled in a health form and was shown to the cosy waiting area upstairs which has hot and cold drink facilities. My aesthetics consultation was booked with Dr Vikram Swaminathan who is leading the luxury non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Birmingham at the clinic. Vikram has over 10 years of experience offering anti-wrinkleexcessive sweatingdermal fillersskin health and rejuvenation treatments and is a member of British College of Aesthetic Medicine and a Faculty member for Aesthetics Subspecialty at the Royal Society of Medicine. Therefore, I knew I was in professional hands.

Dr Vikram Swaminathan

Having told Vikram about my area of concern, he then recommended Botox treatment to relax the frown area. Vikram explained to me in detail how the treatment is done, any possible side effects such as swelling and how long the treatment can last, which is usually around 3 months.


Prior to the treatment Dr Vikram Swaminathan took before photos and removed makeup from the area with an antiseptic wipe. 0.5ml of Botox was then injected in the surrounding area in a few places. The procedure was completed in about a minute and I felt no pain whatsoever. Initially, after the treatment, I thought why I didn’t have this sooner, the needle/pain wasn’t scary at all. I could see the difference instantly, my frown line was smoother, I had a bit of redness but that went after an hour and I didn’t have any side effects. I avoided wearing makeup the next day, just in case.


Relaxed face before & after - showing makeup crease between the eyes


Frowning before & after


As you can see the anti-wrinkle treatment has subtly relaxed the area. You wouldn’t think that I’ve had any treatment done because I can move my forehead like normal, which is great because Vikram knew that I wanted it to look natural and not freeze all movement.

The amount of Botox you have depends on your problem area and how you want your finished result to look, so the ml dose used will vary and will be assessed on an individual basis.

My treatment was complimentary for review purposes, but a treatment like this would normally cost £165 and you would be treated in the clinic. This is a cost I’m more than happy to pay in three months from now, as I’m feeling so much more confident in the way I look. You may have noticed I’ve actually been showing my face on Instagram recently, and that’s because I’ve no longer got this supersized frown line taking the limelight in my selfies anymore!

I couldn’t possibly recommend Virgin Care Private enough; I’m so pleased with the final result. When it comes to aesthetic injections it’s worth going somewhere reputable like Virgin Care Private with highly experienced Dr’s carrying out the treatment so that you know you’re in safe hands.

This post originally appeared on Sian Victoria.