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Botox Training At Clinic@

At Clinic@, we don’t just deliver botox treatments to a world-class standard. We also train up and teach the therapists of tomorrow, building up their skill sets and providing them with plenty of opportunities to learn on the job so that they can one day become highly-qualified and extremely professional therapists themselves. Botox forms a big part of this, given the popularity of this particular cosmetic treatment, and so today we will be talking about our own botox training courses for medical students.

We run a variety of courses, with botox being one core subject, and there are three different forms of courses that we provide. There is the Foundation course, which covers the key aspects and runs through everything that you would need to know, with the opportunity to practice in conjunction with more experienced therapists. There is the Mentoring course, whereby one particular therapist takes on a student or a group of students as part of a bespoke, more tailored and more simplified programme. Finally, there is our Clinic@ course that we deliver in partnership with medical reps from various botox brands and Pharmacies, which allows live practical training and is generally considered to be our biggest course due to the expertise of the tutors, and the ability to learn on the job in a more pressurised environment.

Although we are based in Liverpool, we deliver courses in a variety of areas across the UK. As well as the previous example that covers Liverpool, we also provide our programmes in the likes of Manchester, Cumbria, London, Northern Ireland and other important locations. We can also tailor the courses around your schedules, meaning that you’ll be able to participate whether you’re devoting your entire week to the programme or whether you can only contribute a few hours after work or on a weekend. The important thing is that, come the end of the course, you are fully trained and ready to take on the world, so to speak.

The key thing to remember, though, is that botox, while delivering a boatload of benefits to the recipient, is a very specific and carefully-applied cosmetic treatment, meaning that one errant move could have bad consequences for all involved. As a result, only those who can deliver this to the very top level will even be considered to do so as part of a team. This is why our own team are of the very highest calibre, and that travels down to the world-class training that we provide. We also ask that the students on the courses are completely committed and professional, because one day, the botox treatment could be in your hands to carry out, and you should never lose sight of just how important it is that you get it right on every single occasion. Fortunately, we will cover all of this and more, setting you up perfectly to enter the world of cosmetic procedural delivery once you have completed the course of your choice.

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