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Dermal Filler & Lip Filler Training Courses

Clinic@ don’t just carry out medical treatments; we also regularly run training courses designed to find the next generation of highly-qualified and professionally-focused therapists to join our world-class team. Therefore, our courses cover all forms of subject matters, as well as being tailored around specific treatments. Two of those are dermal fillers and lip fillers, two of the most common and requested services that we offer here. Today, we will spotlight both of these, before discussing what the course options are for each treatment.

Beginning with dermal fillers, these are designed to boost the volume of your face, especially within the likes of your cheeks, as well as enhancing facial features by adding weight to specific parts. They are handled in the form of an injection, so the dermal filler is inserted into your face using a fine needle, and is administered extremely carefully as it is applied into the pores of your skin within the target area. Sunken areas are filled out, and wrinkles are lifted. Over time, you will notice a big change, and the upshot is that you will look more healthy, younger and fresher, and will generally feel better about yourself and your appearance.

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As for lip fillers, these are carried out in very much the same way, except that they are focused specifically on your lips. In this case, it is largely about increasing volume and weight within the lips, allowing them to be puffed out and to leave more of a visual impression, due to the reduced need to remove the likes of wrinkles. This provides a real psychological boost for clients, as their lips become more noticeable and can leave a more positive impact, especially when applying lipstick and then socialising with family and friends. The lips are a key part of one’s appearances, and so lip fillers allow clients to come away feeling better about themselves due to the renewed spotlight on their lips following the treatment.

Having covered what both involve, now let’s think about the courses. There are Foundation, Mentoring and Clinic@ courses which have varying levels of training depending what experience you have. Foundation is ideal for those who are completely new to the world of medical therapy, whereas Mentoring is aimed at those seeking one-to-one tuition, and the Clinic@ course is tailored towards those with some previous experience and with a view to developing a career in the field. Both dermal fillers and lip fillers can be covered as part of a wider course, or you can have a programme based entirely around either of these treatments. In any event, you will be provided with full information about what each treatment really involves including every key element used to make them happen, as well as the most appropriate way to deliver these, how to avoid the mistakes that can cause major long-term problems, and also the opportunity to carry these out practically as part of our training, ultimately leading to the eventual goal of you becoming officially qualified and trained to perform these professionally.

So, you will learn a lot about dermal fillers and lip fillers as part of our extensive training courses, and you can read more about these by heading to