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Professionals Are The Only People Who Should Administer Dermal Fillers

The DIY beauty industry has boomed over the last few years. The rise of online beauty bloggers, particularly on video platforms like YouTube, has given people a lot more confidence to try out beauty procedures themselves. However, the administering of some beauty procedures can be far more difficult than one might realise. Most of the time, this leads to shameful but ultimately harmless results. You might apply too much fake tan and have a strange looking skin for a few weeks, or you might end up with an unattractive missing patch of hair. Sometimes, however, DIY beauty procedures can cause severe harm if they are done incorrectly. This is especially the case with dermal lip fillers.

It is possible to purchase filled injections online to recreate the look of celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Unaware of the risks that they cause, many young people may think it is easy to purchase them, load up an instructive video and have a go at injecting them into their lips themselves. However, if this is not done correctly, there can be serious and catastrophic long-term ramifications. Temporary facial paralysis, facilitated by the injection deadening the nerves, is the least of the problems. It can actually contribute to a permanent facial disfigurement. The only solutions for them can be painful laser treatment or plastic surgery to have the dermal lip filler surgically removed, if it is possible to fix the damage at all. Because this generally constitutes a cosmetic problem, not a health risk, the procedure won’t come cheap either.

Online treatments that promise to give you rich, full lips for less than £100 should be avoided at all costs. The products are often not safety approved and are unregulated. Instead, you should trust your lip fillers to a professional who understands, based on years of experience, exactly how to administer them. By doing this, you are not putting your long-term appearance at risk by using an unknown product that you have never had to administer before. Let’s put it in perspective, you wouldn’t take your car for repair to a web hosting company or vice versa ask a mechanic to create and manage your web server. This analogy was to clarify that some skin treatments are best done by medical professional.

You are paying to have it done by a professional like Clinicat who have done the procedure many, many times and choose their dermal lip fillers very carefully to minimise the risk.