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Who Can Perform Botox

Botox treatments can make a major, positive impact upon one’s physical features, but the complexity of the injections means that only a select number of medical professionals are able to legally perform the treatments.

Back in November 2015, the NHS’ Health Education England (HEE) department published a detailed document called Qualification Requirements For Delivery Of Cosmetic Procedures. Focusing on non-surgical cosmetic procedures, this document (commissioned by the Department Of Health) sets out qualification requirements for the practitioners who can perform the likes of Botox, ensuring that they have received thorough training for the proper, professional application of treatments to prioritise patient safety.

HEE particularly noted two specific levels of training, with a minimum Level 6 qualification being required if you wish to perform general Botox procedures to the upper face, while a Level 7 qualification is needed for comprehensive use, or in layman’s terms advanced Botox treatments. The training for both qualifications includes thorough observation and practice under supervision to ensure that the practitioner is professional enough and possesses the skills to effectively carry out the Botox injections.

So, only those who are qualified and who can work at a high, professional standard are able to perform these treatments. The practitioners will be experienced and well-skilled at delivering Botox, increasing the success of the injections and enhancing how you will look post-treatment, whilst at the same time greatly reducing the risks that undergoing the Botox can bring.

Here at Clinic@, we have a team of highly-skilled clinicans who have received the complete medical training required and are also fully insured. They follow the best-practice guidelines in delivering Botox treatments to the highest possible standard when it comes to both quality and patient safety. Our injections soften wrinkles and deep lines, bringing about a smoother appearance of facial wrinkles to make you look so much better, providing you with an air of feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, both physically and mentally.

Botox is prescription-only medication (POM) that our clinicans only prescribe face-to-face. As you can see, then, whilst Botox treatments can only be provided by a small number of medical practitioners, you can rest assured that every member of our team have achieved these qualifications and operate with the utmost professionalism at all times, ensuring that you receive the absolute best and safest Botox treatment possible.

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