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Chemical Peels

Your skin health and appearance can be diminished over time due to ageing, sun exposure, and other life stressors. This can show as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, pores, acne and a general lack of glow and freshness. Chemical peels are a useful way to rejuvenate the skin; by removing some layers of skin, a peel is able to lift of features such as pigmentation whilst encouraging new, healthier skin to grow through. Clinic Aesthetics (Clinic AT) offers a range of chemical peels, ranging from Glycolic Acid to medical professional use only Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) peels.

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Why consider a chemical peel?

These skin peels are lower-cost alternatives to other skin resurfacing and stimulating therapies, such as laser, and are able to help treatment and manage a variety of skin symptoms such as:


Regardless of age, spots can get you down. Where appropriate, chemical peels can be used to manage the signs and symptoms of acne.

Pigmentary changes, complexion,
fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and pigmented spots can be troublesome to treat. These features can be improved by a direct treatment to the skin using chemical peels, aiming to restore a more youthful appearance.


One of the most common reasons for facial scaring is due to Acne. These scars can remain for many years. Chemical peels, alongside dermal fillers, can help to improve the appearance of scars.

Evening and Weekend
Consultations Available

We can work around your
schedule, with virtual
consultations available.

Doctors with aesthetic
specialist training

All practitioners are fully
qualified and insured.


Each consultation and
treatment usually takes
an average of 60 minutes.


Most treatment related
symptoms will settle
within 14 days.


Chemical Peels start from
£50 per treatment,
including consultation.

What do we use?

At Clinic Aesthetics we understand that the appearance and quality of your skin can be just as important to you as other signs of ageing. Our doctor led treatments can help to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

NeoStrata – Glycolic Acid Peels

SkinTech – Trichloroacetic Peels (TCA)

ZO Range – Daily skin care products, Retinols and At-Home treatments

What clients say on...


I am the most difficult person when it comes to finding a professional that I feel countable and can trust. Vikram is excellent, with great advise and fantastic results. I am very happy to recommend him as a great professional in his area.


Have been coming to Dr Vikram for around 3 years now and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Makes me feel completely at ease and I trust him 100 per cent with my face!he listens and advises to get the most out of my treatment and to what will work best for myself. Would not go anywhere else for treatment. Thank you.


I can’t praise Dr Vik highly enough; at my first consultation he really took the time to get to know me and understand what it was I wanted and we discussed what was achievable. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results after having Botox around my eyes - pain free procedure and results still great over three months on!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who carries out aesthetic treatments at Clinic AT?

    All our aesthetic treatments are performed by trained medical practitioners, led by doctors.

  • How many treatments do I need?

    Most skin treatments require a course over several months to obtain your best results. Our team will discuss this fully with you during your consultation, to make sure these treatments can be performed safely to treat your concerns.

  • Recovery time for a chemical skin peel treatment?

    Most treatment related symptoms, like redness, will settle within 24 hours. Most people can carry on as normal the next day. After this you can experience some flaking of the skin or peeling, anytime between day 2 – 8. It is important you use an effective SPF for skin protection following any treatment to help improve your recovery and maximise the results. Please discuss any upcoming events during you consultation so we can create a treatment plan around your lifestyle and commitments

  • Can I go back to work after my chemical skin peel treatment?

    Most skin peel treatments are very well tolerated. There is always a risk of a bruise or swelling following treatment, so we advise our patients to plan their treatments for appropriate times.

  • What do I do after an aesthetic treatment?

    We advise that you keep the treated areas clean and avoid exercise for a period of 24 hours following treatment. Your specific aesthetic treatment aftercare will be explained to you by our team during your consultation and following treatment

  • Do I get any support follow-up after my treatment at Clinic AT?

    Clinic Aesthetics aims to provide the highest standards of care and service. All our patients can see a doctor for a review following treatment, and our team are on hand over the phone to help you with any other questions.

  • How do I find out more information?

    Feel free to contact us using the enquiry box or by email at If you would like a call back please let us know within your message and provide your contact details.