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What To Expect When Getting Lip Fillers

Does it hurt? How should I prepare? What do I need to do afterwards? For people who have never experienced lip fillers, but are considering undergoing to treatment to enjoy rich and full lips, these are important questions you will want to have answered. Our guide of what to expect from lip fillers endeavours to show you how straightforward the process is and inform you of the small ways in which you might wish to prepare for it.

There are a handful of important things that you should and should not do before getting lip fillers. Taking blood thinners can increase the chances of getting bruised lips after the injections, for instance. Although they will eventually fade, bruised lips are not something anyone would want to see for a few days after the treatment. Therefore, blood-thinning painkillers like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol should be avoided as much as possible. You need to consult with doctor even with obvious supplements as Multivitamins before a procedure. Similarly, try not to drink alcohol up to three days before getting lip fillers as beers, wines and spirits can thin the blood. Staying hydrated, on the other hand, is a good and probably the best way of preventing bruised lips after the procedure so ensure you are drinking at least seven or eight glasses of water every day. Remember: you can follow all of this advice and still end up with bruised lips. If you do, don’t panic. It is a common side effect of the treatment and it will fade very quickly.

During the procedure itself, your specialist will first numb the lips. Some specialists will achieve this by holding ice on the lips; others will apply a numbing cream that dulls the pain after soaking in for five to ten minutes. There are many other types of numbing agents that your specialist may use too. However, nobody who is receiving lip fillers should expect not to experience discomfort. It will hurt a little bit, but it is minor and tolerable pain that only lasts a few seconds with every injection.

Within 15 minutes, your lip filler treatment will be complete. One of the great things about lip fillers is that the effects are immediately visible; you will not need to wait days, or weeks, to discover how the treatment looks. Your specialist will direct you to a mirror where you can witness your new, fuller lips. Bare in mind: the first time you see yourself won’t be an exact representation of how the treatment works. Swelling almost always happens immediately after injection. However, after three days the swelling will decrease. Those with bruising should continue to stay away from alcohol and drink plenty of water to help with the recovery.

Once the swelling and bruising disappears after a few days, you will be able to enjoy those wonderful lips of yours for around six months — maybe even longer depending on your age and lifestyle. And if you choose to get the treatment again after your lips have returned to their former look, you will know that it is a simple, quick and relatively painless process