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Lip Augmentation Services

Here at Clinic@, we have a plethora of treatments to improve your beauty and general appearance, and one of the key areas that our treatments focus upon are the lips. Key amongst these is lip augmentation, and in this article, we will discuss the main benefits of having a lip augmentation treatment.

In a nutshell, lip augmentation is designed to increase the volume of your lips, making them more puffy, more full and generally standing out more on your face. Your lips can be a source of confidence, showing your smile that much more, and the stronger they appear to be, the stronger the impression that they will leave on those who see them. Lip augmentation is a vital method to fill out your lips and turning them from being just another facial feature to the most significant and eye-catching facial feature that you have.

Now, lip augmentation services can take up multiple forms, but perhaps the most popular (certainly when it comes to our own clientele) are the dermal filler treatments that we provide. Dermal fillers complete the criteria when it comes to the very purpose of lip augmentation, that being to add volume and strength to your lips, improve their shape, restore the lip line, and to enhance their shape, size and overall appearance. Dermal fillers are highly recommended if you look at your lips in the morning and want them to become a more weighty, noticeable presence on your face.

Our lip augmentation services also provide other benefits. These include softening the lines where the mouth itself meets the edges of your lips, as well as lifting the corners of your mouth. The chemicals used for these treatments consist of the likes of Juvederm, Belotero and Teoxane, as well as other well-known products. The key thing to remember is that your appearance will change, and you need to make sure that you are fully aware of what the treatments involve, how your lips will be different, and to be mindful of any potential (albeit unlikely) side effects. Assuming you do, our world-class team of therapists will deliver a spot-on service to have your lips, and as a result you as a whole, feeling brand new! The good thing about this type of augmentation you don’t need to have a bed rest as its non intrusive.

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