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Non-Surgical Treatments For Eyes Rejuvenation

Not every major treatment has to be surgical. Indeed, there are plenty of non-surgical treatments that we offer, and perhaps none more important than for the eyes. Indeed, the eyes can determine how you look to your friends and family; if you look tired or worn-down, not only are your eyes portraying this image, but it transfers to the rest of your body, thus altering the perception that others have of you (“you’re looking rough”/”look at the bags under your eyes”). Over time, this can result in you maintaining this negative look, even if your health and your general mood are actually positive.

So, this is where our non-surgical treatments can help to make the areas around your eyes look much fresher and cleaner. In particular, we have three non-surgical treatments that we want to go into detail about today, as they concern three vital parts of your face: temporal, under-eye and crow feet. This treatments are used to fix periorbital dark circles, droopy eye lids and wrinkles.

Beginning with the temporals, these are the areas of your face situated just by the outer edges of your eyebrows, But it’s also where some of the more noticeable wrinkles can form on your forehead. Our non-surgical method of handling your temporals and making them look much smoother comes in the form of our dermal filler treatments. A popular choice amongst our clients, these use juvederm, belotero and teoxane products, with the aims of refreshing and volumising the hollowness of these areas, as well as lifting your eyebrows ever-so-slightly without impacting negatively upon the movements of your general facial expressions.

Now moving onto the under-eye areas (also known as the tear trough), this is perhaps the key part to focus upon, given the bags and wrinkles which surface underneath that give off the feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Again, from a non-surgical standpoint, we use dermal filler treatments that will effectively utilise juvederm, belotero and texoane products. The focus is to tackle ageing symptoms and smarten up your appearance below the eyes when experiencing tiredness, as well as strengthening areas of hollowness, reducing dark circles and downsizing any creppiness. This also helps when it comes to your eyes squinting, thus creating lines that can remain within your facial expressions.

Finally, we come to the crow’s feet, these being the outer edges of the eyes themselves. Significant wrinkles can arise from these areas, and so we stick to general anti-wrinkle treatments, this time using botox, bocouture and azzalure products to avoid surgical methods of tackling this issue. These are designed simply to soften the appearance of any lines and wrinkles, which pop up from the likes of repeated squinting from your eyes. Over time, you will find that your eyes will look much smoother, thus making you feel and look younger.

These are our most popular non-surgical treatments for the eyes, but we can tell you much more about the benefits and how we go about delivering them to clients. Find out more by visiting out treaments page here ==>> or call us to book your free consultation.