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What Should A Patient Know About Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are one of the top treatments that we offer here at Clinic@. Anyone who has received dermal fillers in the past can testify to their value, and to the positive visual and mental feelings that they have post-treatment. However, for those considering having one of our dermal filler treatments in the future, there are some important points that you need to be aware of, and we have highlighted those below.

Firstly, think about the product information. Dermal fillers are generally made of Sugar molecule, collagen or hyaluronic acid gel. For example, Juvederm, is made from hyaluronic acid gel and it serves as a naturally-occurring substance lying within the skin to increase volume and hydration (which relates to our recent blog on the main purpose of dermal fillers). It’s important because, if you happen to have an allergy to dermal filler elements or to any hyaluronic acids, then it could be that you will be unable to receive the treatment. Even if you don’t have such an allergy, it is definitely worth thinking about this, as it can be off-putting to some when broken down.

Secondly, dermal fillers are injections that are used for many key areas of the body. Chief amongst these is the face, primarily around the eyes, cheeks and lips. But they can also be applied to your ears, your neck and even to your knees; any part of your body which is soft-skin and can benefit from volume growth would be a potential source for dermal fillers. Now, think about what areas you are looking to improve and, more importantly, what it is that you want (do you want areas increased or reduced, because if it is the latter, then dermal fillers are not the treatment that you need), before you decide whether to go for a dermal filler injection.

Now, let’s think about the risks for dermal fillers; whenever you agree to a treatment, you have to sign a disclaimer in the event of a problem, which while at an extremely low level of likelihood, is nevertheless a possibility. In the short-term, your face will be sore as the treatments take effect, but in a minor number of cases, clients have ended up with small lumps (known as granulomas, or nodules) as a result of the aforementioned soft tissue fillers. The likes of redness and swelling can also arise, though they tend to be an early offshoot of the treatments, and will disappear within a few days. You could also be open to infection during the first few days post-treatment, and we also pointed out that anyone with an allergy to products included in brands should not take this treatment either.

Overall, though, dermal fillers have great benefits, and we have a fully-qualified team of first-class medical professionals to carry out all treatments. It just pays for you to be fully aware of what to expect, and the potential precautions, though we can assure you that you will look and feel better than ever should you decide to have a dermal filler treatment with us!

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