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How to deal with Dry Skin & Wrinkles – Quick Remedies!

You always want to keep your skin in tip-top condition, but sometimes there will be issues that you don’t have any control over which will nevertheless arise. Dry skin and wrinkles are very common, and especially in the case of the latter, they are unavoidable. That doesn’t mean you can’t go some way towards treating them, though.

With dry skin, it’s about making the skin feel softer and less rough; that way, the skin will not become flaky, and over time it will begin to feel the same way as the rest of the skin on your body, as the affected areas should be. One of the most effective methods of handling dry skin is by using emollient moisturiser; as we discussed in a recent blog on combination skin, the emollient softens and smoothens the scale of the skin, and will make it a lot less dry with regular application.

In the case of wrinkles, there are many ways that you can reduce their visual definition; you can’t remove wrinkles outright, but you can downsize them to some degree. Olive oil is very popular amongst those who are looking to reduce wrinkles; this can keep your skin soft, and with regular use it can look much healthier. A few drops of olive oil before going asleep along with a rinse from a soft towel, applied daily, can go a long way. Massages are very useful for this too, as a wide variety of oils are used to focus on specific areas and are applied in line with the condition of your skin, and of the wrinkles on your skin.

And it’s not always about what you are putting on the skin itself. It’s all about what food and drinks you are consuming. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins A and D, which will flesh out your skin and bring about a glow feeling from the inside. These can be bought at any local stores, or you can make specific fruit/vegetable drinks for yourself. Lemon juice is particularly useful, as you can not only drink it as normal, but by slicing the lemon and massaging the juice into the wrinkles on your face, it delivers an experience very similar to aromatherapy, with the skin looking brighter and feeling softer while also reducing the appearances of the wrinkles themselves.

Here at Clinic@, we provide a range of treatments and products which will help you to deal with dry skin and wrinkles. These treatments are fully bespoke and specifically personalised to your own needs, targeting the core areas of your head and face area. We work to ensure that your skin looks as good as possible, with any areas of dryness and wrinkles greatly reduced, and you will come away looking and feeling healthier than ever, which increases your energy levels and confidence as a result.

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