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Natural Ways To Combat Wrinkles

We have a plethora of treatments at Clinic@ which will help to drastically reduce and remove wrinkles from your skin. That being said, there are also many natural ways that you can combat wrinkles aside from a treatment, and so we have decided to list some of them here.

The first thing is to consider how your skin may react to the sun, and ways to handle or counter this. Though it may bring about some visual improvements, long-term use of sunbeds and sunshowers can bring about some noticeable wrinkles, not to mention having some potential hazards to your health, so we recommend that you avoid these. In addition, if your skin is particularly sensitive, avoiding sunbathing altogether in the hotter climates might be advisable. Being outdoors is good for your physical health therefore, a night jog with the dog will help. Alternatively, get indoor gym equipment and sweat to keep yourself looking young in those extremely hot days. We’re not saying that you should not enjoy the sun, but if the sensitivity of your skin brings an increased risk and/or increased wrinkles, it’s best to keep any time spent under scorching temperatures to a minimum. Applying sun cream will definitely help to combat the sun, and it will also go some way towards reducing wrinkles.


Another option is to try and live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, and to avoid anything which could bring about problems. In addition to keeping away from the likes of sunbeds and sunshowers, we highly recommend that you avoid smoking. Cigarette smoking over a long-term period can cause changes within the skin which make it look older, and one example of this is the growth of strong wrinkles. It’s also worth noting that smoking can also bring about other serious risks to your health, so needless to say, we suggest that you do not smoke to avoid both wrinkles and other possible host of health issues.

Finally, think about your diet, and also what you may apply to your skin in general. A diet that is health-focused, varied, and containing the recommended five fruits and vegetables a day, along with drinking a lot of water and other healthy items to eat and consume, will all help to reduce the chances of wrinkles appearing. So-called “superfoods” will also help, and of course any items which contain vitamins and minerals will bring about real benefits and further diminish potential wrinkles. has highlighted some of the best natural organic creams to use to keep your skin feeling nice and rejuvenated at night. Applying moisturisers to your skin will perhaps be the best natural method that we can suggest to combat and prevent the rising presence of wrinkles, especially if you do so for a long time, including from a relatively young age. It also makes your skin feel good, along with it looking better and making you healthier as a whole.

These are just some of the natural ways that you can combat wrinkles. However, if you are interested in fast anti-wrinkle treatment to improve your skin health, please visit our aesthetics skin treatments page at

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