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What Are The Best Dermal Fillers For Facial Wrinkles?

Here at Clinicat, we offer a number of treatments to cover facial wrinkles, and the most popular of these are dermal fillers. But there are variations on the dermal fillers themselves, which has led some people to ask what the best dermal fillers are to treat facial wrinkles, which we will now discuss in greater detail. We have a range of internationally-renowned dermal filler brands, all of which are non-permanent hyaluronic acid needle injections.

One of these is Juvederm, which itself has a few versions to focus on increasing facial volume, filling out smile lines and enhancing your lip sizes. Although dermal fillers serve the same purpose of tackling, reducing and removing facial wrinkles, depending where on the face you wish for the injections to be applied, this will have an impact on which treatment you opt for, hence the numerous choices when it comes to Juvederm.

Another of the brands that we utilise is Teosyal. Like with Juvederm, Teosyal focuses on reducing wrinkles via an injection that provides fast results with minimal fuss. Teosyal is known for having longer-lasting effects; a Juvederm filler may remain in place for a good 6-to-9 months, but Teosyal can last for well over an year, sometimes as long as 18 months. One noted risk of Teosyal, however, is that side effects have been reported ranging from bruising and prolonged pain to smaller balls and lumps which would require medical advice upon such a discovery.

And then we come to our other most highly-lauded brand of dermal filler treatment, that being Belotero. It works in the same way as Juvederm and Teosyal, but Belotero is best suited to the smaller, finer wrinkles. This is because Belotero injections have a lower density meaning that they cover the surface area of skin closest to the face itself, as opposed to going in further and working below the skin. Again, there can be side effects, and some do prefer the dermal fillers that are applied deeper into your face, but for those with less noticeable or less complicated wrinkles, such clients tend to prefer Belotero.

As you can see, then, there are different options for dermal fillers, and it will ultimately be down to your personal preferences and the specific wrinkles you wish to have worked upon that will decide which is best for you. Hopefully we have provided some useful advice here for anyone interested in having cosmetic done to their face, but you can find out more by visiting our dermal filler page and book yourself a free consultation.