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What Happens When Botox Wears Off?

In the past, we have discussed botox treatments, namely noting what botox is all about, what they involve and why they are beneficial for clients. But what happens when the botox treatment wears off? What should a client do at that stage? That is the subject of today’s article, which will be extremely beneficial both for those who have recently undergone botox, and also those considering having such a treatment in the near future.

Let’s start by noting that you will begin to notice the botox wearing off after around six-to-nine months. The botox injections are primarily designed to temporarily paralyse the nerves attached to particular facial muscles, thus removing and preventing the reoccurrence of wrinkles in those areas. After a while, though, these will begin to weaken and eventually disappear, which will allow the wrinkles to start popping up again. It will not happen overnight, but once the botox wears off, it will happen eventually.

Note that, at this stage, the wrinkles would not suddenly be larger than ever or in any way, shape or form showing any damage from having had the botox. It is more a case of your face beginning to resemble how it looked prior to your treatment. Wrinkles develop in a whole host of areas, some bigger than others, and they happen naturally based on the regularity of your specific facial manoeuvres over the years. Therefore, this is nothing to fear; it will be a case of returning to your previous state, and not a case of looking completely different or, in the perception of your mind, in any way worse than you had prior to receiving botox.

Now, there is one way that you can combat this, which is to receive botox regularly enough that you never notice the treatment wearing off. It is generally recommended that you wait a good five or six months after your first botox, and later on, you may wish to have the treatment every three or four months. Note, though, that your skin will become accustomed to the treatment, and to contracting less, thus meaning that it may wear off sooner. Do not take this as a sign that you should start having botox even more regularly; it’s simply a sign that you may develop some minor wrinkles more quickly before you have your next treatment.

These are the main points to know, then, when it comes to botox wearing off, but you can find out more information by taking a look at our cosmetic & aesthetic services section.