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Why dermal fillers are rapidly becoming a popular treatment

The World Health Organisation states that the number of people who are 60-years-old or higher will outnumber children younger than 5-years-old by 2020. Due to the fact that people are living much longer than ever before, we are quickly becoming an ageing population. This has facilitated a growing demand for anti-aging beauty treatments such as dermal fillers. After all, we may be an ageing population, but the demand to look younger will always remain – it can impact self-confidence, for instance, and self-esteem.

A report by the International Dermal Fillers Market provides an insight into the growth of the dermal filler industry, suggesting that an ageing population, coupled with the influence of the media and fashion industries, make it a fast-growing sector. Their research indicates that the industry as a whole could be valued at around $10 billion by the end of 2023 because of these aforementioned factors. It shows that dermal fillers are no longer some obscure anti-aging treatment; they are rapidly becoming a household name.


Dermal fillers are an injectable filler that can help to restore smooth skin by filling in facial wrinkles. They are still a relatively new treatment. It is unknown to the vast majority of people around the world, especially in developing countries. However, the International Dermal Fillers Market report suggests this is due to change. As more celebrities begin to embrace them, the awareness of its benefits is becoming better known, not only in western countries but across the entire globe.

Technological advancements and product developments are one of the other key areas that the International Dermal Fillers Market report touches upon. In the past, dermal fillers have carried the stigma of being dangerous or unhealthy. At a time, this may have been true. However, there have been significant improvements in the treatment since then. In fact, the procedure is now considered to be generally safe when performed under the guidance of a professional.

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