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Why Spring Is The Perfect Season For An Aesthetic Treatment

Here at Clinic@, we provide aesthetic treatments for our clients throughout the year, and you will feel the benefits no matter when you come in. However, the spring and summer season in particular brings about some additional advantages, and so we’ve outlined here several reasons why end of spring and start of summer is the perfect season to receive an aesthetic treatment.

Firstly, because you would be heading into treatment from cooler temperatures where true warmth from the sunlight has been at a minimum, chances are that you won’t be boasting a tan on your skin. Far from a bad thing, though, untanned skin allows for the likes of facial veins, brown spots and wrinkles to be treated properly; a tan, especially a major tan, can interrupt the procedures somewhat and make for a less effective outcome. With no sun tan applied to your skin, though, your skin will be in the ideal condition for aesthetic treatments to be carried out, and you’ll notice more positive results.

On a similar subject, in the aftermath of a treatment, if your skin then becomes tanned or it begins to receive sun exposure of some kind, your skin will be more sensitive and therefore it may not lead to the most visually-pleasing results. It may even cause some back pain, which can be helped with an acupressure back massager, because your skin has yet to truly recover from the treatment that you have just had. But because this is the spring season, where the warm weather is only just beginning to arise, the early days and weeks after the treatment will not provide many, if any, opportunities for the skin to catch the sun. Therefore, by the time that your skin has recovered, it will be just in time for the summer climate to take effect, and at that point you really can enjoy the sun while knowing that your new-look skin will take to it just fine.

On a related note, weather aside, having your treatment in the spring is perfect because it’s the ideal time to have to recover from a treatment. If you have it in the winter, trying to recover amidst the freezing-cold weather and the stress of the Christmas period is challenging. Even in the autumn, recuperation can provide additional challenges, from your children restarting in school to Halloween parties to the beginning of the Christmas build-up which make for an all-round difficult set of circumstances. In spring, though, you’ve long since passed Xmas, you’re also a fair time away from a summer holiday and the annual peak temperatures, and because your hols are still some time away, the added stress of preparing and getting your figure ready won’t arise until you have truly and fully recovered.

These are just some of the reasons why we believe that the spring and summer is the perfect time for you to receive an aesthetic treatment, not least because of the benefits it will bring to your skin in time for the warm weather in August and September. Spring is not only ideal for spring cleaning where you get all centrefeed rolls and cleaning products to tidy up your house but its also a great time to get a proper makeover on your beauty.

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