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Aesthetics Training Courses

Our Aesthetics Courses are specialised training products for professionals wishing to enter the space or develop their existing skills in aesthetics. The courses are an extension of the national ClinicAt brand, in partnership with the Aesthetic Foundation Academy, who are a nationally recognised Harley Street based training organisation. Our educational team have vast experience in teaching Botox ® (botulinum toxin) and Dermal Filler courses for healthcare professionals in the U.K. Our foundation Botox® and Dermal Filler Training course is your starting point for a career in facial aesthetics, matched to the required insurance standards and will provide you with essential practical skills and business knowledge to kickstart your aesthetic career.

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Why choose Clinic Aesthetic Courses for your aesthetic training?

1. Practical experience with both dermal fillers and Botox®.
2. Learn unique facial landmarks to map out safe injection zones.
3. Affiliated with the leading product suppliers.
4. A Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance recognised training provider.
5. Business advice and mentoring available.

Subject to satisfactory completion of the course, participating delegates will receive an insurance recognised certificate of attendance to a Foundation course.

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Foundation Course

Overview: This course covers the basics for Botulinum toxin and Dermal filler use in Facial Aesthetics. The course integrates contemporary aesthetic theory with live practical application of skills learnt, to give you the best start to your aesthetic careers. The day is interactive, and capped to small groups, to enhance your learning.

Learning objectives: You will be provided with pre-course materials to get you reading around the topics and excited about the training day. During the course you will cover several topics including assessment of the aesthetic patient with basic Botulinum toxin and Dermal filler theory.

Where are the courses: We host Foundation courses from a variety of locations, including Manchester, Liverpool, central London, in collaboration with the Aesthetic Foundation Academy –

How much is the day:

From £595 + VAT

Please note, this course is currently suitable for healthcare professionals recognised by the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP). Please contact us to check eligibility for the course and availability of any advertised dates before booking.

Advanced Courses & Mentoring

Overview: Bespoke small group practical sessions with our clinical trainers to help you gain further clinical confidence and competence, or learn new skills, to complement your practice needs.

Learning objectives: During the session you can cover the following topics:

– Advanced Botulinum toxin practical, including lower face and neck treatments.
– Lower face dermal filler treatments, including chin and jawline treatments.
– Tear trough and Temporal treatment for periorbital rejuvenation.
– Use of an Aesthetic Cannula with dermal fillers.

Where are the courses: We host Advanced & Mentoring sessions from a variety of locations, including Manchester and London.

How much is the the session:

£595 + VAT

It is not necessary that you have completed your basic training with our training partner, the Aesthetic Foundation Academy, but you may be asked to provide evidence of this prior to confirmation of your booking. Please contact us by using the enquiry box or via email at for further information.