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Botox Proven To Help With Acne

We provide plenty of treatments here at Clinic@, which will have a positive impact on your physical appearance. Chief amongst these is botox, one of our more popular services which can make a big difference to our clients. Indeed, botox treatments can bring about a multitude of benefits, and one of those which has been medically proven is how botox will help to reduce one’s skin acne, as we shall explain here today.

To begin with, botox can reduce the amount of skin peeling which comes from acne. When spots arise from acne, over time you will notice that the skin slowly reforms in its place. It is when the acne continuously appears, or worse still you end up picking at the acne spots, where you will feel like you cannot remove the problem, and when picking at acne repeatedly, the spots will only look worse and take longer to clear. Therefore, when the skin peels and reforms, it does not look good at all, and can make the skin even more irritable. Through botox, though, the skin will see the pores decrease in size where the acne has grown. As a result, the peeling and reformation will be less noticeable, less of a distraction for you, and will ultimately help to tackle the problem of acne as a whole.

What’s more, botox injections are an anti-wrinkle treatment by definition. Wrinkles can appear in all parts of the face, and it is often where these lines form, especially near the mouth, that acne spots can pop up. These lines will see the skin peeling differently from the rest of the face, and the acne spots being there will make it even harder for the skin to peel and reform. So, because the botox injections specifically target areas populated by wrinkles, any lines near the mouth where acne spots lie will be tackled, and over time they should stop appearing on as regular a basis.

And think about another reason why acne spots pop up on your face. Acne often comes from sweat, and during the warmer temperatures of the year, the acne will show itself even more, and in greater number. The more you sweat with acne, the bigger the visual impact of it will be. Thanks to the botox injections, though, because they are reducing areas containing wrinkles and the pores of the skin as a whole in the likes of the forehead and the front of the face, it all means that you will sweat less frequently. As a result, this then reduces the likelihood of acne developing, as well as allowing for the acne which may already be there to fade away without the worry of it reappearing.

These are just some of the ways that botox can help with acne, but you can find out more by visiting out treatments page here ==>> or call us to book your free consultation in Derby, Manchester, Liverpool or London clinic.