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Botox Isn’t Just For The Over 50s; Young People Are Getting It Too

You may be surprised to learn that the over 50 demographic is rapidly losing its place as the main customer for Botox. Instead, there is a different generation who are taking advantage of Botox and the positive effects it can have on your skin, and that is the younger generation. Women under 30 are fast becoming the main age group seeking out Botox procedures. But why is it becoming more common among young women?

Some people may dismiss the popularity of Botox among many young people as another sign of a generation obsessed with documenting themselves on social media like Snapchat or Instagram. However, there are a lot of other reasons why Botox has become quite common among people, particularly women, in their early 20s. One of them is the changing stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures.

Botox doesn’t carry the stigma that it did as little as ten years ago. Once upon a time, Botox was affiliated with aging Hollywood stars. It was seen as a procedure exclusively for the wealthy and the elderly. However, this stigma has begun to disappear. Procedures like Botox are becoming more accepted by society as a healthy part of one’s beauty routine. It is something that many popular celebrities have spoken openly about, helping to normalise the procedure. Kim Kardashian has proudly used Botox, for example, as has House Of Cards star Robin Wright.

It is not just the perception of Botox that has changed though; it is also the knowledge of it. Unfairly, Botox used to be thought of in the same way as plastic surgery. Therefore, many people assumed that it must be a painful, even dangerous, procedure to undertake. This is far from the truth and young people, with access to a wealth of information online, have begun to learn that. Performed by an experienced professional, there are very few risks associated with Botox injections. The most common effects are mild swelling and bruising.

Furthermore, Botox is not overly expensive for young people – at least when you put it in the context of how much people tend to spend on their appearance. The cosmetics industry is a multi-million pound machine in this day and age with women spending an estimated £70,000 on their appearance over a lifetime. As such, Botox is not necessarily seen as the costly procedure it once was. This is especially the case for young people who, because they generally have quite healthy skin, need only half the units that those over 50 would require. Therefore, young people will generally spend half of the money that others would on Botox.