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Dermal Filler Side Effects

Here at Clinic@, we offer a variety of top-level cosmetic treatments, and one of those is dermal fillers. These have proven to be very popular with clients, and we have a superb team of doctors and trained cosmetic therapists to carry them out to the highest possible standard. But that doesn’t mean that the treatment does not come with side effects that will arise during the recovery process, and so we have decided to cover some of them here. Dermal fillers are used commonly as lip fillers and correcting static wrinkles around cheeks, necks and jaws.

Firstly, you may find that there are minor issues for a couple of days in the affected areas such as rashes, swelling, itching and bruising. For the most part, these are very rarely a big deal; they are more of an annoyance, the proverbial pain in the neck, and after a few days, they should disappear. These are a direct by-product of the treatment, as the surgically-impacted area is getting used to the new way that it looks and feels, and oftentimes, this causes the likes of rashes or itches to develop. Fortunately, we emphasise again that they do not last long, but in the unlikely event that they do last or that they do become a more serious and permanent problem, you should let us know and consult your personal doctor immediately.

Secondly, the affected area could become open to an infection. It is less likely to occur than our previous example, but it does happen. Again, should this occur, it will be a minor infection that, if treated with due care and diligence under medical advice, should disappear fairly quickly, mainly serving as a nagging nuisance for a few days or so. And again, should this be an extreme case where it does develop into something more serious, we urge you to get in touch with us and your GP as soon as you can. Infections can take on all forms, which is why we encourage those receiving dermal fillers to be between their late 20s and early-to-mid 40s, because anyone younger or especially anyone older could find that they have a harder time battling the potential infections that could stem from having dermal fillers.

Finally, we’ll cover other possible side effects that do not happen very often, but that you should be aware of just in case. In rare cases, you may find that the filler that has been inserted could actually move away from the intended area over time, which could end up changing your appearance in a way that was not envisioned. In very extreme cases, it is possible that lumps could form under the skin, and it is no surprise that we encourage you to seek immediate medic al attention should this happen. And there have been cases where fillers have ended up inadvertently blocking blood vessels; as you can imagine, this could have very bad consequences, so again you should visit your hospital as quickly as possible if you discover that this has occurred.

So, these are the main, known side effects of dermal fillers. We remind you, though, that especially in the latter cases, these are a rarity; this is simply a listing of what could happen, not what will happen. And our team are highly trained and extremely qualified and professional, reducing the likelihood of such side effects even further.

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