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Lose Your Lines At Clinic@

As you get older, your skin will reflect this, showing age lines that are completely natural, but don’t necessary present you in the best light. This doesn’t have to be the case going forward, though, which is why Clinic@ deliver cosmetic treatments that can help you to lose your lines, in particular our dermal filler treatments.

Our dermal filler treatments can help to remove lines in a variety of areas within your face. The core areas that we focus upon are your temporals, your under-eye (tear trough), your cheeks, your nasolabial, your jaw line, your lips, your marionettes and your chin, so you will be able to identify which parts of your face require the most attention as it pertains to losing your lines.

Dermal fillers are the specific treatment that we use to go about removing your lines. At their core, dermal fillers are injections which we use to fill out areas of wrinkles and creases within your skin, treating specific areas as outlined above. Our dermal filler treatment can also increase the volume and the definition of your lips and cheeks, so we don’t just take away lines; we can add to your skin too!

That being said, it is important, from both a vanity and also a health standpoint, for people to lose their lines. Those who opt for our treatments do so because they want to look better, and because they want to feel better within themselves. By assisting with the aging process, the dermal fillers help people to feel more confident in their skin and how they look as they approach their 40s and 50s, which in turn help them to feel happier and become more productive as a result.

We have several price options for our dermal fillers treatments. You can receive 0.5ml for £150, or you can receive 1ml for £220. In addition, we have our advanced dermal filler treatment that goes the extra mile, and this costs £350. All of these prices are fully inclusive, with no hidden extras. If you are looking to have your lines removed, have a think about which of these options suits you best, then get in touch with us, and from there we will do our bit to have you looking better than ever and working to lose your lines!

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