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Botox Training Courses For Beginners

We run a wide range of courses here at Clinic@, including those that will educate you on delivering botox treatments if you are a beginner. We recently covered the wide subject of botox courses in an article, and we will go into further detail of each of the options today.

So, for beginners, the obvious starting point would be the Foundation course. This acts as a general overview of botox delivery, which goes from an initial introduction on the subject matter to case studies on good and bad treatments (with the obvious goal of ensuring you avoid any mistakes brought up in examples of the latter!), before moving onto the delivery of a treatment, the elements involved, and some practical tasks allowing you to take the first steps towards potentially providing botox for clients. This will all be handled in conjunction with our team of world-class therapists, and if you are completely new to the world of medical therapy, this is an excellent first step towards you achieving your desire of eventually being trained to carry out botox training.

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If you have a greater knowledge of the topic but you just haven’t been able to professionally practice, then another option for beginners is our Mentoring course. Where one tutor will manage a class in the Foundation programme, when it comes to the Mentoring course you are assigned one particular therapist who will specifically work closely with you on your training. The benefit of this is that you can spend more time with the tutor, you won’t feel like you are lost in the shuffle during training days, and you will generally be able to ask more questions, learn more information and take more care during practicals, since there will be less pressure involved as you won’t be comparing yourself to other beginners.

The final option is our biggest course, the tailor-made Clinic@ programme. This is delivered within a partnership with various specialist including a top Pharmacy, which takes things to the next level as we have access to the latest products in the cosmetics industry. The practical training is live, with more observers due to the plethora of students and related personnel on hand, and the tutors themselves bring even more experience and tuition given that your on-the-job training will be live and of more gravitas to the client. This is still perfectly suited for beginners, though it is recommend for those who will have an extensive knowledge of the subject, and/or who have the greatest passion when it comes to one day potentially working full-time as a therapist, because the pressure is increased and the quality of the students is expected to be of the highest standard.

So, if you’re interested in our botox training courses, why not head over to our courses page for further details here and details on how to book.