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When And Where Can I Get Dermal Fillers and Lip Fillers

You may be familiar with our dermal filler treatments. Dermal fillers are designed to correct any areas in the face where you have lost volume and thickness, as well as providing enhancements to the likes of your cheeks and your lips. They are carried out, as all of our treatments are, by a highly-trained and perfectly-qualified team of experienced professionals, and everything that we deliver is to the highest possible standard. But with regards to the dermal fillers themselves, they are not restricted to one or two areas, which is why we will now discuss where you can get them, as well as when.

In regards to where, dermal fillers can be applied almost anywhere on the face, with different benefits applied to different areas. Your cheeks are a major focal point, and dermal fillers are designed to contour the cheeks, which has the added effect of softening the folds which appear at the sides of your mouth (these are generally called nasolabial folds by those within the medical profession). You can also have any jowls softened, as well as areas of skin folding that sit below the mouth. So, the sides of your face and your mouth are a key area that our dermal fillers will target and improve.

Then there are the lips. Lip fillers are designed to refresh and redefine the lips (Lip enhancement), which not only results in your lips appearing to be much accentuated, cleaner and healthier, but they add to your face emitting a younger, fresher look as a whole. This adds colour to your lips, and it will result in your face being more colourful too. The dermal fillers can also be applied to other areas: they improve the hollowness under your eyes, they can serve as non-surgical nose enhancements, they can contour and improve your jawline, extend your chin and remove the “double chin” effect. As you can see, dermal fillers can cover virtually every key area of your face.

As for when you can get them? You can have them applied at any time of the year, pending the waiting process to have treatments booked in and to have appropriate medical checks carried out on you before approving the dermal fillers. However, we particularly suggest that you have them in the spring or autumn seasons; that way, the recovery time will see you through the months when things are likely to be less busy in your personal life. In other words, you will be fully healed in time to look fantastic for your summer holidays, or to be up and ready to go in time for the Christmas celebrations. Of course, the choice is yours, but this is what we would recommend.

How long do fillers last is another popular question I get from my clients? Since the filler is a substance very similar to your own skin, the same ongoing ageing process that change the structure of your skin will also alter the filler. Eventually, the filler totally disappears from the body. We therefore recommend, a review after 6 months but most people choose to have new treatments within 1 year.

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